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Web Conferences on Progressive Global Development-SERIES 1 


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Aspire Academic Excellence Online Publishing Series welcomes all globally to take part in the Web conferences on Global Progressive Development which is a series planned to be organized continuously.
We feel satisfied and happy that we could conduct the conference as decided with the response received from the global forum in various forms during the expedition.
We received a lot many queries but a few entries for the concern and its activities are new by concept and the entry fee is high for majority, though we had announced explicitly the fact that the entire payment is refundable with their due contribution. Many of them want not to take risk, many not to understand the concept and some ended with the comment that it is different as they did not want to get into it deeply.
We proceed as per schedule which is the advantage of online conference, we could conduct the conferences as series involving the convinced registrants alone which in turn will keep the idea accelerated on the move to convince more, we could limit the participants for effective interaction to a maximum setting them to principle, and we could run the conference even with a single participant with open review to meet the purpose.
This makes it different, completely virtual, yet purposeful aiming to combat carbon count. The participants in this conference are not early birds but free birds in their way to get the registration free as specified which is much possible to them reviewing other articles of the conferences under the series.
Our motto is to bring  ”ALL UNDER ONE ROOF” virtually to the extend possible that we lead balanced life.
The presentation is open till June 15, 2010, the last day of the conference for review of articles and is open for all .The rules of the conference remain unchanged by all ways.



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