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Convention being the meet of apex group to decide on a policy or a theme in practice, the same to mean the get together of the target group to define their desire and scope in a particular topic, we move to name this as pinnacle convention to give significance to the common civic integrating every one of them in various professions and background to the common cause of humanism for Progressive growth towards globalisation to reach human development.



Pinnacle conventions are conventions of interested groups with points as tips of the views of a participant on a topic pertaining to discussion. The participants have to get registered with an outlook libretto which is the list of views and tips of an individual kept open to discussion for enhancement and refinement. The outlook Librettos are limited to the maximum of twenty five innovative views on the title chosen by him on the title of the convention. The same will be kept open for discussion among the groups. They will receive comments and suggestions on their views and tips after which the points are to be modified and published as the final version of the outlook libretto which will also include the enhanced views of the author due to the discussions.  They will be published as the transcript of the outlook librettos and the participants will be given a certificate for their participation and presentation. The overall outcome of the conference will be consolidated as post conference report and will be made available to the concerned for their perusal and possible implementation. This is done to include public participation in the existence as self sustained individual to accelerate and focus on the overall output and get us the best for progressive growth. After the publication of proceedings if the librettos are sent enhanced as a manuscript it will find a place in the International Interdisciplinary Journal on Environment. 


As Every fine element in the universe are connected with and influence the surroundings which form the bionetworks existing as ecosystems which deals with the connectivity between the inner and outer space from an individual to an environment. Pinnacle convention on Holistic living is to bring out the views of the individual to feel his being and remain connected with others to execute the wholeness of the humanity, simply a holistic living with the networking of living beings and the environmental components. Unlike the articles and research works, which need references and base to carry on the conclusions, this pinnacle convention aims to promote meta thinking to bring out the hidden potentials of creativity, innovation and originality of the individual with his own efforts to understand nature and the processes. No issue or matter in the universe has the single solution to define the end of the process, it has got several different dimensions with several different elements of the components and interventions of the environment that omega point, which is supposed to be the end point of a process or line of thought and will never be reached. It ends with the level of understanding of an individual which emphasizes Meta thinking to understand life and hence peace. In order to facilitate the concepts that will bring out the mindful contributions and mindful benefits which will reinforce ethics intrinsically, we have the pinnacle conventions on Cognizant input and output.

The title of the convention are comprehensive and include every fine aspect the will make a phase change of the involved and is not restrictive. The themes are not given and are left to the innovation and creativity of the individual to choose as the attribute of significant importance to be dealt for the topic. The points discussed must be crisp and unique, which do not involve repetitions. The resources as air, water and land are focused earlier to protect the environment but the real culprit to damage them are the mindless use of the resources time, space, potential, knowledge and power. When these are addressed to benefit the humanity in the long run to support their life healthily with peace, we need no efforts to protect the earth.  The life of earth is eternal and it is we who ought to be protected. The natural calamities forced by the social calamities result in destruction of only the  humane who are prone to the same and vulnerable that humanity too is eternal and if we go deep into the question of existence of life, the same is also eternal, that our activities spoils us and our immediate generations, that we need to protect ourselves in the long run and hence the attitude must be “Me and You”. We will look at the neighbour only when our purpose is served. We will compliment others only if we get appreciations enough to satisfy our self and the world peace lies in self improvement to gain the competency to the best of every one that everyone is special. Everyone has the right to live on his own in his designed future without interfering with the innocent. The team efforts and unity are not in giving up the self but in complimenting others to maintain the self which need to be felt by everyone that the deserving gets their due without bias and the growth will be progressive. 

With these ideas as base the Pinnacle conventions with eight different titles is made open to the forum for their effective participation.

Sample Outlook Libretto: Poverty Reduction                           

                                                                                                    PINNACLE CONVENTIONS ON HOLISTIC LIVING






 Convention on Self development

Accepting the truth about self and design future for self competency

 Convention on Communication power

Convince and get convinced

 Convention on Harmony to Peace

Complimenting others to give their best

 Convention on Prosperity is wisdom

Wisdom brings personal satisfaction thus making a man complete




Convention on Resources Conservation

Liberating the constraints with time, space, power, knowledge and potential

 Convention on Poverty Reduction

Every individual has Equity and equality of resources

 Convention on Youth Empowerment

Concern to treat every youth as they are to form egalitarian society

 Convention on Human Culture

Humanism is culture wherever we are. All are same and every place deserves our concern.

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This is a move to set momentum to include all under one roof with their  originality, creativity and innovation that they could share their views and tips in their own lines of thoughts as points , in other words outlook libretto. This serves as a mode of transformation for free liberated line of meta thinking without the set back to complete descriptive writing which is restrictive to a standard format. The registration is free and is open all through the year.


Every participant will be getting a certificate once they submit the revised outlook libretto on the tenth day. The same will include a status testimony based on the observations made during the communications.
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