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Education should prepare the mind to integrate with the brain and make every one experience the rhythms of life in their own pace and travel all along, across the same anytime as the integration is not always between the like and those who are in the same level of perception. It is not in reaching and sustaining the rhythm which makes the individual a perfect but travelling anywhere within it to react to a situation that brings in progressive changes of all involved.

Aspire Academic Excellence Online Publishing Series shares the technical expertise and experiences of Dr.Mrs.MeenakshiPrabhakar to the existing form and is evolving since 1994, when Dr.Mrs.MeenakshiPrabhakar entered into teaching profession in Coimbatore Institute of Technology,Coimbatore. The knowledge transfer took various forms using versatile tools on many different individuals inclusive of the above two and is in the existing status through this concern to share their experiences on self paced experiential learning and contribute to progressive global growth. It offers a flexible, complimenting, comfortable, personalised learning platform taking the complete co-operation of all involved to bring out the best instilling conscience and hence is to integrate all mindfully into the purpose.


The discrete analysis of the following table linked to the concepts discussed above justify each one is special and unique in their skills.


The learning methodology for all the components of this publishing series are designed with the objectives to make the individuals acquire the following traits as global civic instilled with harmony towards reaching global integrity and prosperity. 

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