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                                                                          TEACHING PHILOSOPHY


The expertise experienced right from the inception of my career has taken various refinements and been modified to benefit the students at large both personally and professionally. The global expectations are more pronounced nowadays, that demands perfection through complete perception and the professionals are expected to face daunting situations seeking their presence of mind and potential to rise up to the occasion in a rapid manner. This could only be achieved through one to one approach and the plenty of opportunities offered by the web information ease out the job that the teaching learning process must take a swift towards advanced areas leaving the task of brushing up the fundamentals taught at the primary education to personal learning. It is to be understood as driving the students to explore as much as they can since the efficiency of TLP lies in the learning ability of the students,

The curriculum must be in such a way that it moulds each individual to satisfied personal living, which is the basic for a successful professional. The science of creativity and professional ethics should not be a part of the curriculum but as a integrated component into the entire curriculum in every aspects. Each concept that is insisted in the curriculum can very well be linked to the real time happenings and the assignments are related in such a way that the student gets complete training to face the real world with confidence and courage by solving more number of problems virtually without risk.

This idea forms creativity and innovative thinking that lead to professional ethics that he takes every thing needed for satisfied personal living and for a successful profession.

With the above concept in mind, the course scripts are prepared in such a way that depending on the interest and ability of the individual opting for the course material, the same is offered with suitable modifications and enhancements unique for an individual that when he completes the course he would have gained everything towards perfection with enhanced perception in understanding, analysis, decision making and application skills.

The course scripts are simply a narration of the concept as would be in the classroom teaching and attracts students' attention with interim brain storming questions and discussions that will drive them to apply the theoretical knowledge into real time situations.,

This is a move towards active inter personal learning to build the pillars of tomorrow, with a globalised focus and motivation. It is an integrated approach with tireless efforts through a long testing period and is taking its launch in a wide spectrum now.

My heart felt gratitude is due to the students of Coimbatore Institute of Technology, who extended their utmost cooperation in practicing this methodology in various forms and showed interest to learn even beyond the syllabus with a positive attitude,>

The course scripts along with the assignments will be sent as read only documents chapter wise, after 10 days of registration,



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